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Rohin Wood, Managing Partner & Director, BCG

"It is hard to overstate just how much of a positive impact Jeremy’s comedic videos have had on the culture at BCG Australia. His ability to capture the idiosyncrasies or our workplace, of our people, and to play this back in a way that makes us laugh, often hysterically, is comedic genius.

Jeremy has written and directed dozens of videos for BCG. His ability to deal with complex briefs and extract strong comedic performances from the stars of these videos (our staff) is exceptional. The production is of Hollywood quality. Every video is a special expedience.

I encourage any corporation looking to produce a masterpiece of internal comedic videography to engage with Jeremy. He is a true artist."


How can this help YOUR Organisation?

In my 13 years as a filmmaker I’ve developed a very particular set of skills. For a very particular type of video. Videos that until now, I’ve only offered to a single organisation. But that’s all about to change.

In a nutshell: I make internal comedy videos for organisations. It’s a niche I’ve made my own, and it comes in many different flavours.


Maybe you need an ice breaker to open a conference or a meeting. Or show your appreciation for support staff. Or perhaps you just want to add a little bit of colour to an all-staff  announcement. Or maybe you’d like to celebrate slash humble a newly promoted partner.


I know what you’re thinking: why would my organisation actually need something like this? What is the actual value here?


One word: culture.  

If you’re reading this, you’re aware that on some level, organisational culture matters. And I’m not here to explain why organisational culture matters. But what we can talk about, is why these videos will help strengthen the culture in your organisation.

So, what are these benefits?


  1. Morale Boost: Next to antibiotics, laughter is the best medicine. People who laugh together, stay together.

  2. Communication Breakthroughs: Break down corporate hierarchy and foster open communication as these videos encourage vulnerability and transparency.

  3. Team Building Magic: From the thrill (and challenge) of creating videos… to the shared joy of watching them, this is a recipe for team building and camaraderie.

  4. Unleash Creativity: Getting involved in these videos forces staff to think entirely differently *and* see their organisation through a comedic lens.

  5. Personal Growth and Rediscovery: Join me on a transformative journey as individuals uncover hidden talents and rediscover aspects of themselves through on screen acting.

  6. Positive Impact on Retention: Cultivate a workplace that people want to be a part of, enhancing overall culture and retaining valuable team members.

  7. Memorable Moments: The best thing about these videos? They last forever. Far longer than the fallout of your office Christmas Party.


So why am I the guy to do this? What exactly do I bring to the table?

I know comedy.

I’ve made comedy. A lot of it. Hell, in another life, I even performed comedy at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. But most importantly, I’ve been making comedic short films and web series for over a decade. On top of the many, many festival accolades and laurels, I’ve watched these films with audiences. I’ve seen and heard their laughter. So, at this point in my career, I can flat out tell you: I know how to make a crowd laugh. And yes: that includes your crowd.


Funny is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Every organisation has its own sense of humour because every culture has its own sense of humour. And to do something like this well, you need somebody who can read the room. Or to put it another way: think of me like a comedy tailor. I’m here to make sure it fits. And the way that a tailor will take the time to measure you over multiple fittings, it’s my job to take the time to write something that fits your organisation.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never performed before, I’ve got you.

Maybe you really like the sound of these videos, but you hate the thought of being in one. Maybe you’re thinking “I’m not funny. I’m not a performer.” Maybe you’re the type of person who sees a camera and runs the other way. You wouldn’t be the first. But it’s going to be okay. Because it turns out that acting isn’t what everybody thinks it is. And if you’ve ever had a conversation with a human being before, chances are, you already know how to act. And with my experience directing seasoned performers and first timers, I’ve taken the shyest, most risk adverse members of staff and worked with them to create genuinely funny moments on camera. And I can do the same for you.

In my time making these videos, I’ve seen the way it transforms people. The way laughter can bring a group of people together, no matter how large, no matter how stressed. A company that can laugh together, will be all the stronger for it.

And now, for the first time since I’ve started this, I’m opening this up to other organisations. So why not you?

If this is something that strikes a chord with you, why don’t you click the link below for a no pressure, no hassle consultation? 

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