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"It is hard to overstate just how much of a positive impact Jeremy’s comedic videos have had on the culture at BCG Australia. His ability to capture the idiosyncrasies or our workplace, of our people, and to play this back in a way that makes us laugh, often hysterically, is comedic genius.

Jeremy has written and directed dozens of videos for BCG. His ability to deal with complex briefs and extract strong comedic performances from the stars of these videos (our staff) is exceptional. The production is of Hollywood quality. Every video is a special expedience.

I encourage any corporation looking to produce a masterpiece of internal comedic videography to engage with Jeremy. He is a true artist."

Rohin Wood, Managing Partner & Director, BCG

“Jeremy has produced some excellent videos to accompany celebrations around promotions and retirements. He understands corporate cultures well, is a good ideation partner, coaxes people to be their best acting selves, and is very meticulous in production, timeliness and quality.”

Patrick Forth, Senior Advisor, BCG

"I recommend Jeremy for his excellent work producing a corporate comedy sketch for YPO. Even without prior acting experience on our end, Jeremy's talent and collaborative approach shone through in every step from script development to post-production, exceeding our expectations. These videos not only entertain but also significantly enhance the value of events and programs."

Daniel Jarosch, Managing Director & Partner BCG - Serial Entrepreneur - Investor

"Jeremy was born to direct. He's incisive and passionate about every creative decision, all with a level of élan that is ridiculous. It is impossible to upset the man, which is an actors dream. Try it. I dare you. I'll give you $20 if you can make him cry."

David Collins, Actor (Umbilical Brothers)

"Jeremy's work is truly excellent - innovative, creative and impeccably polished. He is a five-star cinematographer and director and at the cutting-edge of the film industry. I highly recommend working with him!"

Alys Daroy, Actress

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